Productive Deals

Francoise L. 

Listing Price with Vacation by Owners team are productive & cost-effective, wonderful experience in working with the expert team.

Stayed : Oct, 2023

Friendly Policies

Rhonda E. 

They do all short of work for negligible amount which other platforms charges. Listing with Vacation by Owners was profitable.

Stayed : Sep, 2023

No Compromises

Manuel A. 

Their expertise of advertisement exceeds my expectations. They got team of skilled professionals to handle my work.

Stayed : Aug, 2023

Pleasantly Surprised

Casita L. 

After signing-in with Vacation by Owners there has been a dramatic course of action I noticed. Definitely business has expanded.

Stayed : Jul, 2023


Nestoras N. 

Dream run, since I listed my properties on Vacation by Owners Im getting regular inquires sometime in off season too.

Stayed : Jun, 2023

Happy Traveler

Joseph C 

My European dream comes true, thanks to luxury and affordability of Vacation by Owners can't wait to try their options in the U.S.

Stayed : May, 2023

List Now

Dexter U. 

Im a property owner from Dominica & enjoying booking-oriented services of Vacation by Owners. Already recommended to my friends!.

Stayed : Apr, 2023

Affordable Luxury

Charley P. 

Our vacation rental felt like a high-end getaway, and we're excited to explore their offerings in the Caribbean next.

Stayed : Mar, 2023


Patricia H. 

We were traveling on budget, yet enjoyed wonderful vacations in Spanish Wells and the ease of booking with owner made it even more special.

Stayed : Feb, 2023

Look No Further

Pierre D. 

We had a fantastic stay in Miami, and the options in Canada and Mexico look equally enticing. Multiple properties in each destination!.

Stayed : Jan, 2023

A Hidden Gem

Robert P. 

We found an amazing, budget-friendly vacation rental by owner in the Caribbean that felt like a luxury escape.

Stayed : Dec, 2022

You get what you see


The rooms, furniture, amenities are exactly same as mentioned on website No fraud.

Stayed : Nov, 2022

Web Design Services with VBO

Tasha M 

VBO websites sister website GWM provide designing, development, SEO & SMO, and digital marketing services to clients in Florida.

Stayed : Oct, 2022

No Deception

Paulet H 

Im a frequent traveller and know the scam and additional charges charged by vacation rentals but this doesnt happen with Vacation by Owners.

Stayed : Oct, 2022

Budget Friendly Vacation Rentals

Laurie C 

The website directly connects to the owner/manager of vacation property.

Stayed : Sep, 2022

Humble CCE


Humble and polite Customer Care Executive.

Stayed : Sep, 2022

Smart Work & Excellent Team


No brokerage - No Booking Fee & No Hidden charges Easy Listing & excellent registration packages

Stayed : Aug, 2022

Deliver what is shown

Mike C. 

Great Rentals, all amenities as mentioned, well connected with nearby restaurants and shops.

Stayed : Aug, 2022

Secure Payment Gateway


Absolutely Brilliant. Im very happy with no service fee website secure payment gateway.

Stayed : Jul, 2022

Save Money and Time

Ginette P. 

VBO saves both money & time, easy navigation & safe Payment gateway.

Stayed : Jun, 2022

Direct communication

Elisabeth L. 

The best thing about VBO - directly connect traveller to the property owner.

Stayed : May, 2022

Sky is the Limit

Brian Davison 

VBO increases demand and enquiries of my vacation rentals. Cost-effective services of VBO are good for business & tourist.

Stayed : Apr, 2022

Amazing Response


VBO is hub for vacation rentals. Within weeks after listing my property on VBO I got great response from travellers.

Stayed : Mar, 2022

Exposer to International Tourists

John Scatoloni 

Listing property on Vacation by Owners website brings frequent guests, hassle-free booking, no service charges and exposer of property to international tourists.

Stayed : Feb, 2022

Easy Listing and Registration No hidden Fees


Excellent services with Vacation by Owners, No booking fee- No service fee- No Hidden charges. Tourist & vacationer now contact the owner. No middleman.

Stayed : Jan, 2022

I Recommend VBO

Chad Efinger 

Hello there, I am Charles and I own luxury vacation house in Abaco. I read a blog about the Vacation by Owners. After connecting with VBOs sales agent I have listed with Gold package. Thanks for giving me bookings!!

Stayed : Dec, 2021

Smart Work & Excellent Team

Linda Crow 

My husband presented a beautiful vacation condo in Florida on our 25 anniversary. I was in the flux what to do with it. My friendly Cathy told me about Vacation by Owners website. Weeks after collaborating with VBO I start getting direct booking. Good people work at VBO.

Stayed : Nov, 2021

Hand of God

Erica Hamilton 

I underestimated the Vacation By Owners. Yet the business I am getting after listing my vacation beach house on VBO website is remarkable

Stayed : Oct, 2021

Budget Friendly Services

Jim & Dency 

Hello this is Jim. I own beautiful budget friendly House in Bucerias. Business was slow until my close buddy recommended Vacation By Owners. To my surprise it is far better than VRBO.

Stayed : Sep, 2021

Nothing Could Happened Better Than This

Brian Cole 

Absolutely Brilliant. My vacation property is very popular in Puerto Plate now. thanks to Vacation by Owners.

Stayed : Aug, 2021

Best Online Business Adviser

Ranvir Gill 

I own property in Canada and I am a tech savvy and I know things. I trusted with my vacation rentals properties in the professional hands of Vacation by Owners- The results are the proof of what they said. I am extremely happy with the trust worthy services from Vacation by Owners.

Stayed : Aug, 2021

Direct Contact with the Customers

Bonnie Dreger 

I love that part.. When the customer directly give a ring to my office in Eleuthera, for my vacation beach house in Spanish Wells Bahamas. After listing my all-inclusive beach house on Vacation By Owners I am getting guests from different places. I Recommend No booking Fees Vacation By Owners website.

Stayed : Jul, 2021

Vacation By Owners - Great Team

Lynn Davis 

The customer service executive was a good listener & very polite, I register my vacation rental property in Panhandle Florida under Free Booking policy of VBO. I have started getting calls and emails from travelers for making bookings.

Stayed : Jul, 2021

No Service Fees - Vacation By Owners - No Hidden Fees

Roger C 

Hey, I am Roger. Im listed with Vacation By Owner as I own properties in prime location in Rockville, vacation rentals. I have listed my property to Vacation by Owner, Travelers directly contact me now! no travel agent! no extra money to pay! Totally recommendable.

Stayed : Jun, 2021

Listing Vacation Property Cost Nothing with VBO

Kim Burns 

Hi I am proud owner of beachfront 3 bedrooms House in Southampton, Bermuda. I have listed my property with vacation by owners and I am happy with the services!!.

Stayed : Jun, 2021

Greater than the Big Guns

Francesco Funiciello  

I wanted to run a Vacation Rental business and VBO services are the best in the game. Their services are better than many like VRBO, Expedia, and Evolve. They help me grow as a person and a businessman. I would totally recommend this.

Stayed : May, 2021

Reliable Service

Gauderlot Michele 

VBO has a reliable set of protocol that makes them prioritize their customers. Earlier I used to think that you get what you pay, but VBO has changed my perspective. I got services worth more than I pay. Their instant response and ease the work motto has compelled me to get hooked with them and I am looking forward to continue with their services.

Stayed : May, 2021

With Them I hit a Home Run

Laura Lin Hutchinson 

My business was not running properly. Despite a villa in Costa Rica, I had no bookings for my property. I was disappointed and planning to shut it, but luckily I got to know about Vacation by Owner. They made me believe that I can and I did it Bruh! In the past 24 months my business skyrocketed in no time.

Stayed : Apr, 2021

Happy Customer

T. McVeigh- Garcia 

Great property listing services! Wonderful experience. Very responsive. Clean and well stocked assistance. We hope to stay here and will be continuing the business with them.

Stayed : Mar, 2021

Eased the Rental Business

Zuzana & Lennert  

For me rental business was totally a nightmare until I met Vacation by Owner. Their expert help and great services get me a respectable standing as an excellent vacation rental provider in Florida. All I wanna say is Thank You VBO.

Stayed : Feb, 2021

Greater than the Big Guns

Dale Hudson 

I wanted to run a Vacation Rental business and VBO services are the best in the game. Their services are better than many like VRBO, Expedia, and Evolve. They help me grow as a person and a businessman. I would totally recommend this.

Stayed : Feb, 2021

Commendable Work

Ena O Brien 

Had a property so I decided to get into the vacation rental business to make a income. But I was new to this. I had no idea about laying out this business. One of my friend recommended me about VBO. Their expert team made my dream comes true. The only thing that was good last year was getting hooked with them.

Stayed : Jan, 2021

Lucky to meet with VBO

Diane Knoll 

It hurts, when all your expectation from your business doesnt meet the reality. My rental business had a solid stop in its way, I tried various Vacation Rental Website like VRBO and Evolve, but all were useless. They have great numbers to show, but in real life they were just a lie. Then there comes the Vacation by Owners, they handled my property so neatly, their efforts has made me feel lucky to meet them. I still wonder how they are so underrated.

Stayed : Jan, 2021

Helped me to make Money

Peri Kost 

I had a property in SLC and I went through hundreds of websites regarding Passive Income, but all were the efforts were in vain. SLC is a great destination to invest in property rentals but all of my thoughts didnt work out. So I reach out to Vacation By Owners, their services has helped me to make a five figure passive income in no time.

Stayed : Dec, 2020

Made Rental Business Easier

Richard T. 

I was planning to slay my rental business, but from a friends recommendation I got to know about VBO. Their easy going process, excellent services, and the piece of advice I got from their expert is simply impeccable. All I got to say that, they are just excellent.

Stayed : Dec, 2020

Helped me a lot!

Lisa Moshiri 

It was my dream to set up my rental business in a Mexican city, Chichen Itza. And, I did realize it with great labour. But running it successfully was a great challenge for you for I did not know how to get huge traffic to my business. VacationByOwners h

Stayed : Nov, 2020

Cannot express my gratitude to it!

Matt Marenger 

Cancun is a wonderful Mexican destination with beaches, nightclubs and Mayan ruins. I thought that my business will bring to me handsome remuneration, but it failed. It was only VacationByOwners that changed the course of my business. Now, there is a cons

Stayed : Nov, 2020

Did the needful to me


I had great expectations from my rental business in Belize. But I was down in the dumps. The reason being clients did not take much interest in my rental business because my rental business was not known to them. I contacted VacationByOwners to do the nee

Stayed : Oct, 2020

Paved the way for my business!

Ana G 

Like other businessmen, I also dreamed of becoming rich. With this thought, chose Guatemala, a lush Central America country, for my vacation rental business. It has scenic lakes and the Mayan ruins of Tikal. VacationByOwners was the only online advertisin

Stayed : Oct, 2020

Rental process made easy


About five years ago, I set up my vacation rental business in Okanagan Valley. Apart from the natural attraction, it enables tourists to enjoy various adventures, such as mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, etc. During the early stage of my business, it wa

Stayed : Sep, 2020

Constant flow of clients


I was very ambitious to start a rental business in Jasper National Park. The reason is that apart from fascinating scenery, it has various varieties of wild animals. Tourists often flock to it to enjoy a vacation. Getting rentals listed was a challenging

Stayed : Sep, 2020

Fortune bent over me


Earning fast buck was my only motto. So, I decided to start my rental business in Cuba, a Caribbean island destination with white-sand beaches, bistros, hotels and music clubs. Getting traffic in the earliest possible time was tough for me. But I realized

Stayed : Aug, 2020



Finding no success in any business, I started with a rental business in Havana. It is a wonderful vacation destination with exotic beaches and amazing architecture. This tourist destination was new to me, and I had no idea about its layout. I came to know

Stayed : Aug, 2020

None other than this!

Michelle Gaddie 

Gone are the days when I was in dire strait. Now, I am an extremely rich businessman in Playa del Carmen. Who is the key to my lucrative business? Well, none than VacationByOwners!

Stayed : Aug, 2020

Making waves with it!


Under the persuasion of my parents, I made up my mind to lay the foundation of the rental business in Utah, in the Western US as it has amazing attractions to lure tourists. Since I was an amateur, I did not know the nitty-gritty of the business. I truste

Stayed : Jul, 2020

Easy Accessibility

Gian Piero Staffa 

Mexico City is one of the most frequented destinations in the world. But running a rental business was not easy to me until I was in touch with VacationByOwners. It made my services easy-going for my clients.

Stayed : Jul, 2020

Excellent Service!


As per the survey, I found Florida as one of the best vacation destinations in the US, so decided to set up my rental business here. During the early stage of my business, traffic seemed to me a distant dream. One of my friends suggested to me to get my p

Stayed : Jul, 2020

Better than the best

Brett S 

Panama City is the best vacation destination for me. But I would say that VacationByOwners is better than the best. The reason is that it did wonders to me.

Stayed : Jun, 2020

Removed my ups and downs

Robert Gringley 

I faced lots of ups and downs during the early stage of my business in Costa Rica. It was VacationByOwners that made up feel easy and now, I am a rich and famous vacation rental by owner.

Stayed : May, 2020

Something Ambiguous

Greg & Melinda 

One of my bosom friends encouraged me to set up a rental business in Montreal. I could have been hopelessness with it without VacationByOwners. Indeed, it is something ambiguous.

Stayed : Apr, 2020

I owe to it!

Mary Yousif 

Vancouver is one of the most lucrative vacation destinations for me. My rental business has been running successfully since I started it here. I owe my success to VacationByOwners.

Stayed : Mar, 2020

Incomparable online advertising platform

Gordon Fall 

For my rental business, no destination seemed to me as good as Barbados. For the advertisement of my business, no online advertising platform seemed to me as good as VacationByOwners.

Stayed : Feb, 2020

In no time!

George Mcbride 

As an ambitious businessman, I started my rental business in Jamaica. VacationByOwners did miracle to me by listing my properties in no time.

Stayed : Jan, 2020

Lucrative direction!

Luci Mozz 

Although I had set up my business in Las Vegas, it did not live up to my expectations. Since I got in touch with VacationByOwners, it steered my business towards lucrative direction.

Stayed : Dec, 2019

My dream comes true!

Amanda Rivera 

It was my cherished dream to flourish my rental business in Hawaii. My dream could not have come true without VacationByOwners. I appreciate it.

Stayed : Nov, 2019


Karen Majeske 

Having lost my hope in my business I started in Jamaica, I feasted my eyes on Vacation By Owners. It gave me motivation by listing my rental properties.

Stayed : Oct, 2019

I can't forget it

Sam Kent 

I can't forget Vacation By Owners in my entire life. What it did to my business was miracle. I've become its big fan.

Stayed : Sep, 2019

I owe my success to it

Don Carson 

As a successful proprietor of my rental business in Mexico, I owe my success to Vacation By Owners. Without its services, I would have been a beggar.

Stayed : Aug, 2019

Better than the best!

Nadine Lowe 

Indeed, I'd say Vacation By Owners is better than the best in terms of its services. The way it helped me execute my business in Vancouver is inexplicable.

Stayed : Jul, 2019

I pat it!

Jerry Vuono 

Although Costa Rica was beautiful, my business did not fructify. I pat Vacation By Owners that ensured huge traffic to me. Now, I am in lucrative position just because of it.

Stayed : Jun, 2019

My best pal!

Tom McCormick 

Being unaccustomed to the layout of Barbados, I was unable to execute my business here. I contacted Vacation By Owners and it changed the course of my rental business. It's my best pal now!.

Stayed : May, 2019

Why go anywhere else?


With Vacation By Owners, I decided not to go anywhere to get my properties listed. My business flourishing and flourishing all the time.

Stayed : Apr, 2019


Joyanne Petty 

Setting up my rental business in California gave no success until I contacted Vacation By Owners. It gave wings to my business. I recommend it for all.

Stayed : Mar, 2019

A Great Helping Hand!

John Graham 

My business had also almost sunk until I came in touch with Vacation By Owners. I got listed my properties with its excellent customer service. A great help indeed!

Stayed : Feb, 2019


Bernard Jennings 

I was nowhere with my rental business in the Caribbean. Vacation By Owners enlightened my path. It grateful to it for what it did.

Stayed : Jan, 2019